By Paul Carroll 29 Jul, 2016
I have worked as an Instructor, yard manager and groom at a number of competition and training centres over 25 years and understand the pressures and hurdles that people experience throughout their riding careers. I aim to offer a relaxed and friendly service to help you achieve maximum enjoyment with your horses.

Whether your goal is to
- Build confidence.
- Improve your riding technique and knowledge.
- Improve your Dressage / Jumping & Gridwork.
- Hacking & Road safety.
- Lunging.
- Stable Management / Equestrian Knowledge.
- Exam preparation.

Whether your intentions are to hack out or compete, schooling your horse will promote obedience, safety and soundness.
Coaching sessions can be tailored to your individual needs.
Please give me a call to discuss your requirements.

By Paul Carroll 23 Jul, 2016
Rider coaching sessions
Schooling / Exercise
Tack fitting and advice
Clipping / Trimming
Support at events
Buying / Selling Advice
Judging / Riding Club / Pony Club
Exam Preparation
RDA / Riding Therapy
By Paul Carroll 21 Jul, 2016
All BHS Accredited Professional Coaches are fully insured, safeguarding / DBS certified, first aid trained and committed to their continual personal development, meaning everyone can enjoy their lessons, coaching and equine services with full peace of mind.
Find an Accredited Professional Coach
By Paul Carroll 21 Jul, 2016
As part of the British Horse Society Participation Project, I am pleased to be able to offer training towards the BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate.  
These new qualifications are held at two levels: Entry Level and Level One.  

They are suitable for learners of all ages. However, we recommend a minimum age of 12 years. You can enter at either level, although if you are new to horses or have limited background knowledge we recommend you start at Entry Level. 

The qualifications are specifically aimed at the first-time horse owner or carer, parents of horse owners, potential horse owners or anyone else interested in the care and welfare of horses.

The assessment of this qualification will be through a written assessment via exam papers produced directly by the BHS. On achievement of the qualification all certificates will be sent to the instructor, who will forward them on to candidates. 
How do I apply to do the Essential Horse Knowledge Certificates?
If you are interested in gaining the Essential Horse Knowledge Certificates, you can find a Registered Instructor in your area who teaches the syllabus.
By Paul Carroll 20 Jul, 2016

"I have known Paul as a riding instructor for approximately 15 years. He is a very friendly, reliable person.
Over this period of time he taught both my daughter and myself, initially in group lessons and then privately. When we took on our own young horse, he gave us a lot of help and advice with schooling. This sometimes involved teaching whilst hacking out with us. Paul is able to adapt his teaching to the personality of the pupil and temperament of the horse ie nervous / confident etc and is very patient. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a riding instructor" S.P

"I have known Paul since 2004 when he started schooling my horse Sunny for me.
He is a very accomplished rider and did very well with Sunny, taking him to lots of unaffiliated dressage competitions. He was always placed and coming home with rosettes. He taught me a lot too, and Sunny and I progressed better than I could have hoped in Dressage. He is a good teacher and coach" S.L
"I have known Paul for over 20 years and I find him a kind and patient man, who is an excellent Horseman and Teacher.
For several years he was an Instructor for the Crawley & Horsham (South) Pony Club, for which I was the District Commissioner. He was also Chief Instructor at Pony Club Camp, which involved a lot of planning as well as teaching. I found he was very good at his job and I have no hesitation in recommending him for anything equestrian" J.C                                                                                             

"I have known Paul for many years and received riding tuition at Woodlands Stables in Worthing, where Paul was a very informative and patient Instructor. He has always taught in a calm, friendly and relaxed way, making the lessons a pleasure for both horses and riders.
Paul has extensive knowledge in all aspects of horsemanship and is a very competent rider and Instructor.
I would be happy to recommend him to any standard of rider"  A.W                                                                       

"Paul was my Instructor for about a year. I always had a varied lesson every time and he always thought up something new for me to try. Not that jumping was my forte, but I even tried a little of that. He was a very sympathetic teacher and was aware that I wasn't very brave or very supple, but encouraged me to always try something new. I would recommend him most highly"  S.E


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